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Contex XD2490-MFP

Contex XD2490-MFP
Product ID: Contex-XD2490-MFP



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Contex MFP solutions

Multi-function printers (MFPs) are compact and convenient, but often limited in features and capabilities. A Contex MFP solution lets you add a Contex scanner to any wide-format printer for an MFP with more powerful features, better image quality and unmatched versatility.

Works with any large format printer

An MFP solution from Contex can turn any new or existing printer into a copier, giving you the small footprint you need without compromising on performance and versatility. We’ve got an MFP solution for any environment - from occasional walk-up copying, printing and scanning in the office, to high-volume operator-driven services in reprographics departments, copy shops and printing and scanning service centers.

MFP Solution: Just add a printer

A scanner/software/touch screen/stand solution that connects to any printer, saving you space, giving you access to more formats, and letting you share your scanner on the network. The bundle includes a scanner, Nextimage MFP software, touch screen, and high stand. Choose between the XD2490, SD3615, SD4420 (24”, 36”, 44”) for technical drawings, blue prints and maps, or the HD Ultra Office 3630, with superb image quality even when scanning thick, fragile and folded documents.

MFP Kit: Choose your scanner

A complete software/touch screen/stand solution for your choice of scanner. Gives you versatility, image quality, more scanning power, full-featured image enhancement controland an ultra-productive archival and copying/printing system. You get a Contex high stand, our Nextimage Repro software with full imaging capabilities, and a Contex touch screen. Compatible with XD2490, SD3600, SD4400 or HD Ultra scanners.

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