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20# Environmental Bond

Plotter Paper Designed to Reduce Waste

Our environmental bond plotter paper is great for any computer printer. When using a recycled bond, valuable natural resources are preserved through the reduced usage of energy, water, trees, and greenhouse gases to produce this bond. With 30% post-consumer recycled content it is also 100% recyclable.

Whether you’re printing off posters, blueprints, or CAD drawings, our environmental bond is an environmentally conscious and practical solution for your printing needs. The Canon iPF750 and Canon iPF760 are compatible with this plotter paper bond.

The prices are based per roll, though there are two rolls per package. Our Xerographic Plotter Paper is compatible with all wide format xerographic machines, including OCE, KIP, Ricoh, and Xerox, and works well for walk-up-copiers and high volume all-in-one print systems.

Some of our dimensions available include plotter paper in 24 x 500 and 36 x 500 and all have 3” cores. Recycled plotter paper is one of the many competitively priced plotter printing supplies at WAB Paper Supply.

If you are interested in our other plotter paper alternatives, check out our 20# Opaque Bond!

Plotter Paper for Large Format Plotters and MFP's

Canon Large Format Printers

Our large format Canon printers are a great match for any engineering or marketing firms that have a need for high quality prints. One of the finest brands of color business printers in the world, the Canon brand is designed to meet the printing needs of photographers, professional and proofing applications. A full-bleed color and impressive speed in output will help give you the edge you need to produce the best possible colors, fine details, and subtle expressions needed for any line of work.

Our stylish Canon plotter printers are sleek in design and can occupy any office space without looking bulky or out of place.


Our Epson plotters are perfect for commercial and industrial projects that need fast and cost effective printing. Architectural, presentation documents, posters, and signage prints are all realities with our Ultra chrome XD ink. With fair prices supported by a 1 year warranty, low ink costs and speedy printing are the cherries on top of our highly rated Epson printers. With a quiet operation, your office will never be disturbed again by the sounds of whirring or slamming that can be heard in more traditional printing machines. Save money by choosing between three different sized wide-format ink cartridges for Epson printers: 700ml, 350ml, and 110ml.

Check out our large format Epson plotter printers to find the perfect copying or scanning machine for your needs!

HP Design Jet

A technologically advanced printing machine, our HP Design Jets can save you time by printing files directly from your desktop via the Design Jet’s touchscreen. This feature has been designed to provide security and simplicity of use to make your printing jobs effortless. Our HP Design Jets are large format ePrinters engineered for workgroups with features encouraging productivity. A web-enabled printing machine, our HP Design Jet can print from remote responses whether that by your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!

Our HP Design Jets are wonderful additions to any workspace and it’s technologically advanced build will help any office space maximize efficiency.

Canon MFP

Canon MFP plotter printers work well with our 20# Opaque Bond plotter paper. Our Canon plotters are one of the most popular large format printers on the market. Time and production efficient machines, they can help reduce your operation costs and make a financially smart addition to any office.

Interested in our Canon MFP Plotter machines? Check out our Canon Multifunction Printers here to see which model is right for you!

HP Design Jet MFP

Technical drawings and professional vector graphics can be printed in high quality detail and colors using with our multifunctioning HP Design Jet plotter printers. These reliable printing machines are engineered to expertly and quickly print precise schematics, maps, and photographic reproductions for any professional project. Designed for easy use and low-maintenance, the HP Design Jet MFP can be used by anyone in any corporation or small business. All you have to do is start the print and the Design Jet MFP takes it away from there, ensuring you have quality prints every time.

With Pigment/UV ink options with outstanding water resistance prints, our HP Design Jet MFP products are trusted plotter printing machines that prove to be one of the best investments any company can make.