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20# Opaque Bond

Plotter Paper Designed for Any Printer

Perfect for any computer printer, our opaque bond plotter paper options are high quality and inexpensive. Your vector graphics need to be printed on the smoothest paper available. With 7 options available, choose the size that is suited best for your next project.

Posters, blueprints, CAD drawings—you name it. Comparable to Freedom Paper 20 lb., our opaque bond is great plotter paper for use with for use with the Canon iPF750 and Canon iPF760.

With 2 packaged per box, the price is per roll. Our Xerographic Plotter Paper is compatible with all wide format xerographic machines including OCE, KIP, Ricoh, and Xerox. Our Xerographic plotter paper is designed for walk-up-copiers and high volume all-in-one print systems.

Some of our dimensions available include plotter paper in 36 x 500 and 18 x 500. All of our 20# Opaque Bond plotter papers have 3” cores and work well with our Canon Plotters.

If you are interested in 100% recyclable plotter paper alternative, check out our 20# Environmental Bond!

Canon Large Format Printers

With full-bleed color and an impressive speed output, Canon plotter printers will give you the possibility to produce the best colors, details, and subtleties in any line of work, every time. These large format plotter printers are a perfect match for any engineering or marketing firms that have a great need for high quality prints and low maintenance machines. Designed to be inclusive, Canon is one of the finest brands of color business printers globally and can support any printing jobs you have, from photography to professional and proofing applications, we’ve got you covered.

Our hardworking Canon Printers are stylish in design and can make any printing job you need completed an effortless process.


Framed by fair prices and a 1 year manufacturing warranty, our Epson plotter printers are one of our best deals, giving you the upper hand you need in any commercial or industrial printing projects with fast and cost effective printing. A quiet operation can give any office the focus it requires to operate successfully. Epson printers are capable of printing presentation documents, posters, and indoor or outdoor signage with low ink costs and speed that can get your project completed in no time.

Shop Epson plotter printers available for sale online from WAB Paper Supply.

HP Design Jet

A web-enabled printing machine of the future, our HP Design Jet plotter printers can be operated through remote controlled functions. Use your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop to order print offs effortlessly! Designed for security and simplicity, our technologically advanced print machine can save you time by printing files directly from your desktop. The large format HP Design Jet printers are best suited for workgroups that need productivity and time saving boosts.

Find our technologically advanced, large format web enabled HP Design Jet plotter printers here!

Canon MFP

Time and productivity are two of the most important elements in any work space. If you’re interested in maximizing efficiency and reducing your operation costs on any projects, our Canon multifunctioning plotter prints are one of the best financial additions you can acquire. Working well with Opaque or Environmental Bond plotter paper, our Canon MFPs are capable of not only keeping up with your assignments, but can help you get ahead on deadlines as well.

Interested in our efficient Canon MFP Plotter machines? Check out our Canon MFP's to get more information on our different models!

HP Design Jet MFP

All you have to do is hit the print button and your project is as good as gold. WAB Paper Supply offers the HP Design Jet Multifunctioning Plotter Printer because of its ability to print high quality detail and colors for any technical or professional drawings or vector graphics. The HP Design Jet MFP is designed to be a reliable machine that can work expertly on any print projects including precise schematics, maps, and even photographic reproductions. With low-maintenance and easy use, anyone in the office will be able to use the HP Design Jet MFP without a thought.

Our HP Design Jet MFP products are trusted plotter printing machines that have pigment/UV ink option and water resistance to make your prints durable through years of wear and tear!