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Canon iPF760 vs. imagePROGRAF 760 MFP

Canon Large Format Printers Offer Innovative Features for Small Offices or Large CorporationsCanon IPF760 36

Canon is known worldwide for their exceptionally well engineered printer and imaging products.  With a wide range of versatile printers, Canon has an imaging solution to suit the needs of today’s business and industry, from small family owned companies to large multinational corporations.   This article will examine two of Canon’s most popular large format printer offerings and the advantages each impart to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Canon imagePROGRAF IPF760 Offers exceptional Quality and Efficiency to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 is an excellent large format printing solution for small and medium sized operations seeking exceptional quality prints from an efficient and compact imaging unit.  Feature rich and user friendly, the Canon iPF760 offers the latest printer technology at an affordable price. 

Producing quality images quickly is vital for keeping projects on schedule and maximizing workflow.  The IPF760’s high powered processor is able to handle large amount of data quickly while maintaining extremely precise printing boundaries and color representation.  This high speed, large format plotter printer is capable of producing 2 d-size high quality images per minute, perfect for a variety of uses in small and medium sized industry.  The iPF760 has a newly designed stack basket which can hold up to 20 24X36 inch prints, helping you stay organized with large printing projects.   A new interface lock enables password protection of the printer, allowing an administrator to determine who has access to the unit.  This password protection extends to the USB and Ethernet ports for maximum security.

Efficiency was of the highest priority in the iPF760’s design and several features add to this printer’s cost effectiveness and ease of use.  The iPF760 was designed to maximize your workspace by being compact and easily mounting flush against a wall for space saving.  Environmental cleanliness was also emphasized in the iPF760’s design.  Made with less plastic and lower CO2 emissions than previous plotters, along with an energy star rating for efficient energy use, makes this printer as friendly to the environment as it is to your business strategy.  To help further cost effectiveness Canon engineers included an economy print mode for most effective ink usage and lower cost of printing.  Accounting Manager software tracks the amount of ink and paper used during the printing process.  Users may assign a fixed or variable monetary value to the ink and paper, allowing them to keep close track of printing costs and incorporating them easily into accounting and finance workflows.

These exceptional print features and cost efficient operation make the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 an ideal large printing solution for small and medium sized companies seeking to maximize their bottom line.  Compact, affordable, space saving, efficient printing, low power usage, and exceptional quality prints are all reasons to purchase this Canon printer for business or personal use. 

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 MFP M40 Offers Flexibility and Huge Feature Set for Businesses of all Sizes

For businesses seeking a large format printing system which includes scan to copy, file, and share cloud capabilities the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 MFP is a perfect solution.  The system is a combination of a standard iPF760 large format printer, M40 large format scanner, SmartWorks MFP Software, and a large touch-screen monitor.  This system is ideal for printing, scanning, copying and archiving large documents, maps, blueprints, and engineering schematics.  The M40 scanner is capable of handling documents up to 2mm thick giving your business the flexibility to scan a variety of documents.  SmartWorks software provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to control the immense features and capabilities the iPF760 MFP plotter.  Smartworks allows you to scan to PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats and enables smooth and easy batch scanning.  The cloud share feature is incredibly valuable to businesses whether they operate locally or around the world.  The cloud allows for storage of and access to large format files your company needs to get the job done.  Engineers in the field can download plans and blueprints directly to their mobile devices from your cloud storage.

These features are ideal for companies working in computer aided design, engineering, construction, architecture, geographical information services, and other tasks where large format printouts and scans are a necessity.  All of the standard features of the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 are standard on the MFP model including ease of use, efficiency, space saving mounting options, and more. 

While the iPF760 MFP model has the scanning and storage solutions large businesses need it retains the cost effective features of the base model iPF760 for maximum efficiency and cost savings.  Accounting Manager Software enables careful cost control and monitoring.  Add the cost of your ink and paper into the system and it will calculate costs for you, delivering cost-of-goods information in real time.  These calculations can be based on either a fixed or variable cost model, ensuring you have accurate cost information when you want it.  An economy print mode is a standard feature which helps to reduce overall ink usage while still producing high quality prints. 

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 MFP is an exceptional printer with the versatility and features both large and small companies depend on.  The cloud based storage system offers tremendous flexibility and access to vital documents from almost anywhere in the world.  Whether your workers are overseas or on the other side of town, the cloud storage is easily accessible allowing access to important documents quickly.  The high quality M40 scanner allows you to scan, store, and upload all the large format documents your business depends on.  The efficient design and operation minimize your printing expense while maximizing quality of prints.  Invest in this Feature rich and cost efficient system and see the difference it makes in your business!