KIP Announces the Next Generation...

...of Decentralized Wide Format Multifunction Systems

KIP has launched two new decentralized multifunction systems, aimed at entry level to mid volume production use. The KIP 700 & 7100 Series systems set new standards for professional quality and performance with sophisticated feature sets previously available in high end multifunction Plotter systems.

"The new KIP 700 & 7100 Series systems deliver incredible value, exceptional performance and superior ease of use. With a highly sophisticated feature set that delivers premier KIP value and performance, the new KIP 700 & 7100 multifunction systems provide individual and workgroup productivity to a new market space," said Rich Gigl, vice president of marketing for KIP.

KIP Wide Format MFP Features include:

Touchscreen Printing:

KIP 700 & 7100 systems offer users the ability to print documents from a variety of storage locations directly from the innovative KIP touch screen-eliminating the need for additional PC components.

Superior Print Quality for Professional Results:

Using KIP HDP print imaging technology, the KIP 700 & 7100 Systems ensures exceptional quality output-sharp, fine details, smooth grey scales and brilliant renderings of 3-D drawings and intricate graphics.

KIP 700 & 7100 for Today's color workflow:

For the ultimate in document workflow management in today's changing market environment, both new KIP systems have been fully color enabled to scan file and copy to inkjet printers. Additionally, KIP Color Advanced provides users with features to optimize color copy, print & scan workflows while simultaneously reducing costs.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface:

The KIP 700 & 7100 intuitive color touch control interface makes work easier by guiding users through system operations. Advanced job management software allows users to prioritize workflow and delivers the ability to scan to and print from USB drives at the touchscreen interface.

Optimized Workflow with Innovative Management Software:

The web & PC based KIP Software Suite optimizes technical document printing-from desktop job submission to enterprise-wide print management. The KIP Accounting System allocates operational costs by department, project and customer, turning expenses into revenue.

Smart Eco2 Design:

The energy star qualified KIP 700 & 7100 systems provide positive economical and environmental impact with compact single footprint design, recyclable organic drums, 100 percent toner efficiency with Zero waste removal from the systems and a high percentage of recyclable parts.

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