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Plotter Paper for Architectural Design

Plotter Paper for Builders and Architects

Like most industry design, Architectural design relies heavily on plotter paper as it is used during the most important part of production, the design.  Architects use plotter paper to draw up blueprints, the key to successful construction. The entire project layout is drawn to scale on this blueprint plotter paper making sure all the pieces properly fit from doorways to stairways to hallways to even windows.

Architectural designers draw building designs to scale using plotter paper which is then transferred to blueprints. These blueprints are created with the use of specialized computer programs and then printed using a special printer, a plotter printer. There are various types of plotter paper and plotter printers for creating these special blueprints.

Different Types of Plotter Printers

There are two types of plotter printers, flatbed and drum printers which are available in inkjet or pen plotter printers. A flatbed plotter printer uses sheets of plotter paper and a drum plotter printer uses plotter paper rolls as inkjet plotter printers use vellum and translucent plotter paper and pen plotter printers can use gloss plotter paper. Architects use gloss plotter paper for printing blueprints for final presentations as it has a nice finish and clear printing results. Translucent plotter paper is used for non-final blueprints as it is cheaper and good for cutting project costs. For help figuring out which plotter paper product is right for your plotter paper needs, WAB Paper Supply has both the supplies and expertise plotter paper know how to help with all your blueprint paper and printing needs.

With the use of plotter paper, construction workers can easily see the design and successfully construct a flawless production. Without these drawn to scale plotter paper blueprints, chaos would occur creating unnecessary time consuming modifications or worse, a complete project do-over.  Plotter paper blueprints are the key to both time and cost control.

Many design industries rely heavily on plotter paper, as it is the source for designers to put their design visions down on paper. With these blueprint design ideas drawn to scale on plotter paper, allows designers to see if the project is feasible and make any necessary adjustments if needed. Without plotter paper many projects would not be possible, as blueprints are the key communication between the idea and the actual finished project.To get your design ideas started, WAB Paper Supply has the blueprint plotter paper you are looking for from translucent plotter paper rolls to inkjet plotter printers to gloss plotter paper sheets.

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