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Canon NEW Large Format Multi-Function Printers for Sale

Canon IPF670 MFP and IPF770 MFP Entry-Level Scan-to-Copy Solutions

Large format printing has traditionally been an option available to only architects, engineers or construction professionals, due to the technical inclination necessary to work them and the steep initial investment. Never before has large format scanning been easily accessible to small companies, educational institutions, and startup marketing firms. These businesses simply don’t have the demand for high volume documentation to justify investing in existing imagePROGRAF multifunction large format printers.

Things have changed.

The introduction of the Canon imagePROGRAF 670 24” MFP and the imagePROGRAF 770 36” MFP represent an entirely new era in large format printing. The new Canon multifunction printers bring high quality document production to small businesses worldwide.

Canon IPF670 MFP L24 Multi-Function Plotter/Printer/Copier/Scanner

Canon imagePROGRAF 670 24" MFP

The 24-inch wide MFP from Canon is best for tight spaces in small offices, offering small businesses, retail stores, and subcontractors a compact solution for large format printing, scanning and copying. It's affordable and easy to install.

Canon IPF770 MFP L36 Multi-Function Plotter/Printer/Copier/Scanner

Canon imagePROGRAF 770 36" MFP

The 36" version of the Canon L-series is a slightly more versatile MFP, capable of handling wider documents. Step up to the IPF 770 to scan, copy and print large format posters, CAD drawings, presentations and any documentation for your business.


Simple, Reliable Large Format Scanning, Copying, and Printing

Contact WAB Paper Supply Canon IPF 770 and IPF 670 MFPsEntry-level Canon MFP's provide compact large format printing for the lowest prices.

The new line of Canon entry-level large format multifunction printers give small companies a competitive edge in marketing and document creation. The lower investment needed for compact high quality copying, scanning and printing services means less barrier for entry into the realm of large format printing.

Ease of Use and Versatility

The Canon imagePROGRAF 670 MFP and 770 MFP large format printers provide smaller businesses, subcontractors and educational institutions with a number of distinct competitive advantages and features:

  • Compact 24 inch wide model available (IPF 670)
  • Low total cost of operation
  • Simple, workable software
  • Many input and output options
  • Sub-ink tank system with “hot swap” ink tanks
  • Ultra high density printhead
  • Borderless printing

Canon imagePROGRAF Uses in the Workplace

Many business owners and managers haven’t embraced the opportunities available with large format printing, because embarking on the endeavor has simply been too expensive to address seriously. Now, with large format printing available at a much lower price with the IPF670 MFP and IPF770 MFP, the following is entirely possible for the smallest of firms:

  • Producing posters, signs, bulletins or classroom aids
  • Easier flexibility handling or archiving large format documents from clients
  • Sharing notes, markups or edits internally
  • Enlarging documents for presentations/meetings

PRINTERS NOTE: While the Canon IPF 670 and IPF 770 multi-function printers offer enhanced functionality like scanning, scan-to-copy and easy file-making on a touchscreen monitor, many people opt for the cost-effective basic IPF 670 and IPF 770 single function printers. View more information on the Canon imagePROGRAF 670 or imagePROGRAF 770.

Keep Large Format Printing Services In-House

Outsourcing document creation, printing and scanning can be costly and a waste of company time. Having a compact large format printer available for you whenever you need it is a huge advantage. Avoid the cost of an external hire and time spent waiting for another company to handle your large format printing services with the entry-level line of Canon imagePROGRAF MFP’s.

Easy “Green Button” User Interface

A sleek, clean user interface allows entry level users to perform advanced printing, scanning and copying operations at the touch of a button. Users may copy, scan to USB or scan to network with only a few button presses. Employees with little or no experience with large format printing have no problem learning how to use the Canon imagePROGRAF 670 MFP or IPF 770 MFP.

Canon IPF 670 IPF 770 user interface

High Quality Large Format Printing for the Lowest Price

Never before has large format printing been available for such a minimal investment. Gain an edge over your competitors and order a Canon IPF670 MFP or IPF770 MFP for your office today. WAB Paper Supply offers you the best price for the best plotting and printing equipment in the market.

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