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Happy Birthday Yard Sign - Custom Printed

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DIMENSIONS Height: 18.00 Inches Width: 2.00 Inches Length: 24.00 Inches Weight: 2 Lb(s) 0 Oz
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Let's show all the birthday boys and girls how special they are!

18" x 24" - CUSTOM 2 side yard signs (printed on both sides) - Wire H Stake Included!  We'll automatically create a sign with your name for you.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SPELL THE NAME CORRECTLY IN THE TEXT BOX!  The sign will be printed with that exact name.  Note: ARTWORK must be the same for each sign per order.  If you order 3 signs, all 3 will have the EXACT same artwork printed on them.  If you need more than 1 name for multiple birthdays, please add a separate product to cart.


1. Type the name of the Birthday person.

2. Add quantity of signs needed - ADD TO CART

3. CHECK OUT - Select a delivery method: Pickup at our store or we can ship to your home!


2020 has been challenging for our business - like many others.  We are continuing to quickly pivot and adapt to the new normal with fun consumer products like this.  We have 17 employees with families we want to do our damnest to take care of.  We have 9 large format industrial printing machines ready for work.  We are offering this sign package at a reasonable price direct to consumers to try and keep our operation running the best we can!

We appreciate any likes and shares on social media!  Be well everyone - take care!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

Mark Naber
West Allis Blue 

Seek further customization?  We can do that too!  Email your needs to  Custom signs will include a small design charge.