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Canon iPF750 vs. imagePROGRAF 750 MFP

PRINTER’S NOTE: The new and improved line of Canon large format printers, the Canon IPF760 and IPF760 MFP are now our recommended choice over the 750.

Canon Large Image Formatting Systems Suit Your Workplace Needs in Versatile Ways

Since 1955, Canon has been building a reputation for creating some of the best imaging products available in today’s market. Today we’ll look into two large image formatting options from Canon to improve workflow in your office and turn out high quality, razor-sharp image prints, posters, retail signs, blueprints, and so much more. With Canon graphics plotters, you can print anything you want and everything your business needs.

The Canon iPF750 Plotter: Ideal for small-medium businesses and personal use

Canon IPF750 Printer

The Canon iPF750 plotter excels at high-speed printing while optimizing color accuracy. It produces full-bleed posters, text documents, and crisp line drawings with unprecedented speed and precision. This plotter was designed for use with AEC, CAD, MCAD, ECAD, and applications. The Canon iPF750 features a completely renovated green design. Reduced CO2 emissions and low energy consumption have earned this model ENERGY STAR qualification. The green design also contributes to low running costs, which is a huge plus for business owners. Designed with the goal of easy use in mind, the Canon iPF750 plotter boasts entirely front-accessible operations. This means the ink tank and paper load tray are located at an easily-accessible front part of the plotter. The Canon iPF750 plotter also features a unique paper path which sends printed materials through to the front of the machine. All of these factors combine to achieve a plotter which can be installed flush to a wall, saving space while turning out excellent quality prints with precision and speed.

Canon has added an accounting tracker to the iPF750 plotter, providing business owners with the ability to streamline their printing by viewing ink and media costs across the number of pages printed. The iPF750 Casnon plotter also features a Gigabit Ethernet connection for quickly transferring large volumes of data. It includes built-in support for HP-GL/2 and HP RTL files and HDI printer drives, and one of the most beneficial attributes of the iPF750 Canon plotter is the inclusion of PosterArtist Lite software. PosterArtist Lite is Canon’s exclusive program, perfect for small-medium businesses and individuals looking to create professional large format prints. PosterArtist Lite allows you to blow up flyer-sized prints into crisp, clean, full-bleed large format posters. Operators follow four easy steps to create vibrant prints and posters of high quality, great for use in presentations, trade shows, retail signage, and much more.

The Canon iPF750 allows for versatility across a long list of necessary industry and home needs. It’s perfect for the small business owner who is always expanding, innovating, and producing. It’s ideal for individuals turning out high-quality prints and graphics from a home office. The iPF750 streamlines the process and has been reviewed by users as easy to set up and use. Customers also praise the helpful, simple to understand and user-friendly manuals.  With amazing image quality and great productivity, the Canon iPF750 is the perfect large formatting Canon plotter for your small business or home office.

The Canon imagePROGRAF MFP: Workflow Solution for Large Businesses

If your business requires more than an excellent high-speed scanning and printing system, you’re probably in need of a workflow solution system. Canon created the imagePROGRAF iPF750 MFP to be a complete system capable of scanning, printing, creating posters, and handling media with high precision and speed. The imagePROGRAF MFP features all of the same perks (eco-friendly design, frontally located features allowing for flush wall installation and space saving, an accounting manager, PosterArtist Lite, etc.) as the iPF750, but is a more fully comprehensive office tool. This system is perfect for large businesses, including architecture firms, computer design and engineering firms, and other design-based firms utilizing detail-oriented technical documents. It includes a printer, computer, large touchscreen monitor, large format scanner, reprographic stand, and Smartworks MFP software. Smartworks MFP assures color-accurate batch scanning and gives you excellent quality images in the least amount of time. Smartworks MFP makes it easy to scan-to-email, copy, or file large format graphics in JPEG, PDF, and TIFF formats.

Another highly efficient feature of the Canon imagePROGRAF MFP workflow solution is the L-COA print controller. L-COA allows the machine to lay down ink with great speed and precision while ensuring maximum readability and color accuracy. The imagePROGRAF MFP includes an automatic roll feeder for loading media easily and ensuring speed when undertaking large print jobs. Another perk of this model is its capability for ink changes in the middle of printing jobs when necessary. Thanks to this feature, the printer never has to stop printing to reload ink. The Canon imagePROGRAF MFP utilizes Canon’s reactive ink system, allowing the machine to modify ink usage to best serve color accuracy and streamline technical printing applications. It also features an HDI Driver to ensure a mathematically accurate drawing of printed data.

These features were designed by Canon to create the perfect printing plotter for large graphical design-centered businesses who need outstanding performance in large format printing. Canon’s incredible commitment to the speed, precision, high image resolution, clarity, and detail of crisp images makes the imagePROGRAF MFP plotter the perfect choice for large businesses seeking to streamline the large-format printing process while receiving the best quality for the best price.

Look online at our offerings for the Canon iPF750 plotter and the Canon imagePROGRAF MFP and call us or contact our online WAB Paper Supply customer service to determine which Canon plotter is ideal for your business.