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Canon Plotter Printers Buying Guide

imagePROGRAF Canon plotters offer a number of large format printing options, each carrying unique benefits rivaled only by other Canon plotters. Canon pairs industry-leading technological innovation with a user-friendly interface to provide the best large format printing solutions on the market. The latest line of Canon plotters features more functions and options than ever before, while being backed by straightforward, easy-to-use software.

Each of our Canon Plotters utilizes large 1.07" ultra-high-density printheads manufactured with Canon's proprietary FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology for maximum ink cartridge efficiency. These graphic arts printers combine the finest quality with the highest rate of production to fulfill all your wide format printing needs. Below is a breakdown of the various benefits and capabilities of the three major types of Canon plotters. Check out our individual plotter printer pages for more detailed product specifications.

12-Color Canon Professional Production Printers

Applicable Canon Plotter Models:

BEST USES for 12-Color Canon Plotters:

12 Color Canon Plotters are the highest quality production printers on the market today, offering striking portrait and fine art reproduction. Choose 12 Color Canon Plotters to create scratch- and fade-resistant, museum-quality displays and indoor/outdoor posters, banners, and signs. These plotter printers reproduce the sharpest lines and most subtle color gradients imaginable, creating incredible high-definition prints which look great from any viewing angle. The 12 Color Canon Plotter is perfect for businesses which demand high-quality printers able to handle several different media formats. Bring your paper to life with the vibrant color of our 12 color printers.

WHO should invest in a 12-Color Canon Plotter:

Professional printing shops and printmaking studios, advertising agencies & marketing professionals, sign shops, photographers and photo printers, educational institutions, and retail stores are all businesses which could benefit from investing in 12 color Canon Plotters. The 12 colors, each with outstanding resolution, ensure your wide format graphics will have the highest quality output.

Canon imagePROGRAF 8-color plotter printer8-Color Canon Professional Production Printers

Applicable Canon Plotter Models:

BEST USES for 8-Color Canon Plotters:

8-Color Canon plotter printers create prints 40% faster than other imagePROGRAF Graphic Arts Production Printers and are ideally suited for high-volume print jobs or functions requiring immediate document production. Choose 8 Color Canon plotters for impressive point-of-sale proposals and contract proofs or high-volume indoor signage and presentation graphics. These Canon printer plotters are ideal for the high-speed production of blueprints, sketches, architectural plans, maps, and models. Our 8 color printers come with more features than our regular printers allowing them to handle larger print jobs and deliver the results your business demands.

WHO should invest in an 8-Color Canon Plotter:

Print shops, printmakers, retailers, engineers, architects, construction firms, ad agencies, marketers, and educational institutions will like the 8 color Canon Plotter for photography and graphic art print jobs due to its ability to produce vibrant colors as well as neutral and stable grayscales. An 8 color printer is the professional’s choice for large format printing with high-quality results.

5-Color Canon Professional Production Printers

Applicable Canon Plotter Models:

BEST USES for 5-Color Canon Plotters:

Enjoy a cost-efficient alternative to paying a printing service for blueprints, CAD designs, presentation posters, maps, visual models, sketches, and indoor signage. Canon plotters offer high-value and a fast return on investment for businesses looking to produce wide format maps and technical documents in-house, saving time and money on frequent trips to the local print shop. Our 5 color Canon Plotters are able to change print jobs quickly, allowing it to deliver bold and clear technical sketches and then vibrant banners. Its versatile and high-quality print jobs make the 5 color plotters trusted throughout many different businesses.

WHO should invest in a 5-Color Canon Plotter:

Print shops, architectural firms, engineering firms, construction firms, businesses seeking to produce their own blueprints and technical documents, individuals creating poster size prints and presentations from home will find the 5 color Canon Plotter provides accurate results for technical documents and general use of wide formats, and has a speedy turnaround making it the perfect printer for their needs.

Buy Canon Plotters Online

For assistance in choosing the ideal Canon plotter for your specific printing needs, call WAB paper today. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect wide format printer for your business. We also offer Epson plotters and HP DesignJet plotters. WAB Paper Supply is the online leader for plotter printing ink cartridges and large format paper.

Know the difference between a regular printer and a multifunction plotter

Regular printers like the iPF750, print high quality black and white as well as full-color plots on paper, canvas, vinyl, Tyvek, and other substrates. This is the more cost-effective choice over a multiple function printer. A multiple function printer, like the iPF750 MPF, has more features than a regular printer. These plotters can scan-to-copy and come standard with the ability to scan to PDF, JPEG, and TIFF file formats. Its intuitive control panel with a touchscreen interface makes creating files quick and one-click scanning and copying has never been easier.

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